FS: ILYY, CLYW, One Drop, YYF, and OXY


One drop Project. Very scratched with a quite a few dings, but the scratches are all close to the surface, small vibe. Doesn’t include 10-ball becuase of previous owner (who scammed me a bit of money) sticker response.$55 (Definitely needs new pads)

One drop Y-factor Orange/purple. 9-10 really small dings, most clustered together (hit cement). Looks darn fine, offer

One Drop Blue/Black Dingo. 7-8 flatspots, some go through ano some dont. A few scuffs too. $35

Yellow Protostar. ALMOST mint. One dent that resulted in a small crack, doesn’t affect play. offer

YYJ Hybrid Hitman Beater. Plastic is scratched as heck from some previous owner, rims were sanded but has scratches and dings that you can feel.

CLYW BVM Red with orange splash, I think it’s called the iron man edition? 5 tiny scratches all on the same side, 3 clustered together, and then the other 2 are clustered as well. Offer

OXY 5 NOT IN WORKING CONDITION. The axel or the screw or something is stripped, so this will need a modder to fix. Also missing the two little rubber things that go around the axel. There are a few scratches on the surface. Was an amazing throw, and could be again! offer

SPYY Skyy chaser 3 pricks, only 1 goes through ano. gold. offer

No trades, paypal only, I have 24 positive feedback on YYN. Pics for interested buyers.


You have to have pictures of what your selling on your B/S/T.



Hello, wondering if you still have the y-factor and if so could I get a picture of it?




Updated with pics, sorry bout that. Yeah, everything listed is currently available.


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