Done- Take er' down.

These yoyos are for sale/trade. I mainly do paypal, but if you must send money…you ship first.


-OD M1
-OD P2
-OFFER ANYTHING, lowballers welcome, im a nice guy! (P.S- I like Onedrops and maybe some CLYW)
-CASH, who doesn’t?
Heres the yos!

YYF Skyline- Blue acid wash w/red splash, one of the collest colorways, VERY near mint, has 1 or 2 scuffs that are hard to find, non-feelable. Plays smooth, comes with WHITE hubstacks, and white o rings. $65.00 shipped A steal considering i got it for $125!

YYJ Hitman- A beater, but a well playing beater. Normal YYJ vibe, no caps, cleaned bearing, flow groove response, totally unresponsive… Dings and scuffs along rims, but i satined it, so there is no sharp points. I would say plays like new. $20.00 shipped

Get the Skyline AND Hitman for $70.00, thats basically a $5 hitman.


i have a one drop 54 ?
near mint black lego side effects if u would trade it for anything

$15 for the hitman plus 5.50 shipping guys. If i sold it for less i wouldnt make profit!

I’m not interested in buying anything, but I had a question. I have a gnarwhal (it’s a bronze with blue splash, such an amazing colorway!) and the silicone is very worn out. You said the response in yours is flow groove, is that one drop flow groove? And do they fit win any CLYWs without any cutting?

Yes its onedrop flow groove. I just didnt feel like siliconing it, so i put that in it. Its works just fine. Its a bit small for CLYWs groove, but it works! :slight_smile: