FS: SPYY, Oxygène, General-Yo, YYF


For sale is Bronze/Rose Gold Amplifier, Blue Amplifier, Blue Essence, Silver Pre-Pro Hattrick, Silver Oxygene, Silver Acid wash/Red Equilateral, Mighty Flea. All either come with their original box or a carry bag or both, and some extra stings!

Oxygène Silver Oxy 5 - 75 (Great condition/ few light scratches).
SPYY Bronze/Rose Gold Amplifier - 65 (Mint condition/ nothing wrong).
SPYY Blue Amplifier - 65 (Mint condition/ nothing wrong).
General-Yo Blue Essence - 55 (Great condition/ few light scratches, none break the color). SOLD
General-Yo Silver Pre-Pro Hattrick - 80 (Mint condition/ noting wrong). SOLD
YoyoFactory Mighty Flea - 30 (Mint condition/ nothing wrong).
2 YoyoFactory Silver Acidwash/Red Equilateral - 22.50 apiece(Mint condition/nothing wrong)(one not shown).
YoYoExpert Navy Yo-Yo Carrying Case - 10 (Fits 6 yo-yos)(Not Shown)

shipping not included

For more pictures message me or email at davidcrharber@yahoo.com.


I might be interested in the Flea, depending on how the Holidays go.
I can let you know in a few weeks if you still have it.


Sure just DM next time please.

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