FS: SPYY Amplifier, Addiction, YYF Derlin Severe, Genesis, DNA

Here are some yoyos I am selling. Let me know if you’re interested.
I prefer cash, mail order, or a check, but I can do it another way if necessary.
I’m not new to this, I used to do this a lot a while back, however since I don’t have any feedback on this account, I will gladly be the first to ship. :slight_smile:

SPYY Aqua Amplifier: Plays really nice, smooth, and in mint condition. $95.

SPYY Gold Green Addiction: Plays nice and smooth, just a little bit of vibe, and in mint condition. $80

YYF White Derlin Severe: Plays nice, and a few very light scuffs. $30

YYF Violet w/Blue Acid Wash Genesis: Plays a bit off, the bearing makes it kind of loud and adds a tiny bit of response to it. This could be fixed with a new bearing. Mint Condition. $55

YYF Mint Green Acid Wash DNA: Plays nice, smooth, and in mint condition. $105

I wil take the genesis full price if that is ok I am in Canada