MEGA BST: YYF, YYJ, CLYW, OXY, SPYY, OneDrop + MORE: 35+ Yoyos

Hey everyone today I’m putting up a rather large chunk of my collection for sale. I don’t have enough time to play these all so they need to go to great homes where they’ll get play. Add $5 for shipping in the US and international add $15.

Looking to sell through Paypal Only. Any inquiries of damage or more pictures or anything can send me a PM. I am looking to offload and willing to negotiate.

If interested in purchasing multiples I am willing to offer package deal discounts.

Here’s a list of everything:
Case 1

Case 2

Link to album with closer pictures of the cases:

Case 1:

SPYY Pro: mint, red/pink acid wash, $70
SPYY Ronin: mint, brown/ black acid wash $70
SPYY Amplifier: mint, blue acid wash, $70
YYF 2010 wavelength severe: Mint, red/blue halves, $70
TenYoYo Dropbear: Black/ gold splash, mint $70
OD Code 1: Mint, Green $60
OD Code 1: Mint, blue, $60
OD 54:[/b] Ironman fade: One super tiny and minor ano flaws, rare color way $70]OD 54: Ironman fade: One super tiny and minor ano flaws, rare color way $70
Rebel Yo Macrocosm: prick don’t cluster on one rim, dopest colorway $60
Jazzyo Regulus: has dings but is a great bimetal, black $60
Deadly Spins Pride: one or two pricks, custom emerald ano, $35
C3 Trident: has dings, pink, $35
YYF Skyline: Mint, red, $60
Duncan Echo: Mint, black, $30
YYJ Theory: Mint, first run $35
YYJ Diamondback: Mint, worlds edition, $120
YYF Genesis+: Some minor digs that blend with ano, $35
G2 Aftershock: A couple tiny marks, dark green/light green, $70
Deadly Spins Wrath: Mint with tube Team Edition ¼, super rare and sought after collectors piece: If serious about purchasing contact me.
YYF Primo: Beat but blends with color, $25
Hspin Beyond Envy: One big ding, super unique $35
YYF 888x: Mint, aqua $50
YYF 888x: One tiny pinprick, clear ano, $40
YYF 2.0: Mint, $40

Case 2 (Top):

YYF Dv888: Mint ones include 2 red, 2 gray, 1 blue $25
YYF Dv888: minor damage one include 1 gray and gold $20
YYF Dv888: Stacked, Mint, really fun $30
YYF Hectic: Custom ano, navy blue/orange reverse splashed halves, small bearing $25
YYF Superwide: has some sharpie on it but overall good condtion $20
YYF Popstar: Pink, one or two pricks $15
YYF Popstar: Grey, mint $20
Werrd Pacquiao:Beat, hubstacks, super fun $30
YYJ Atmosphere: Mint, $30
YYJ Mini-motu: some wear but overall good condition, $25
Dif-e-yo Xbonechip: Mint, just needs a polish, $30
FHZ’s: One is stock and other is shape modded, sili recess, schmoove rings, and orings under caps $30 for both
YYF Might flea: Mint, $35

Case 2 (Bottom) :

North Star: $15 a piece White/red Gone
Protostar:   $15 a piece
YYF Starbrite: $10 with anything else
YYF Superstar: stripped ano off but needs a new polish, $35
YYJ Eneme: Rim polish, some dings $30
TenYoYo Decapod: Raw, has some dings $30
YYF Lunatic: Rim polish, no dings, $35
BBYY Wedgie: Raw, a couple minor dings, $35
YYF Superstar: Rim satin, tarnish on rims, first run $35
YYF Genesis: Rim satin, marks from sanded dings,  first run I believe $35
Chico Manimal: A few minor dings, $35
YYF GM2: Rim satin,some pinpricks plays quite well though $35
3yo3 Acrylic: I’m not too  sure what model it is but it’s a worlds mod edition with the engraving and has a D-bearing. $35
Werrd Hour: Has a few minor marks but nothing too bad, half blue/black, $40
OD Project 2: Beat with dings around rims, Black/orange $30

Wants list: Kind of in order
Ti Walker
Draupnir (Blue, Pink, Purple, gold preferred)
Schneider MK2 (Light blue preferred)
Berserker SS (blue acid wash)
Palpitation (purple/pink splash)
D starter
Kitty String 100 packs (Neon Yellow only)