Yoyos for sale! Hattrick Gen-yo, Amplifier SPYY, Equilateral YYF, and MORE!!!

Hi Im selling my:

Pre-pro Hattrick from General Yo with a polished finish.

Two Amplifiers from SPYY (rare because of the closing of SPYY yo-yos.) Aqua and Sunburst orange/red.

Two Equilaterals from YoYoFactory. Red and Acid wash silver with black dots.

Essence from General Yo. In Aqua.

Mighty Flea from YoYoFactory. Silver. (not pictured)

Im selling these yo-yos because:

  1. Im not very good at yo-yoing nor have the time to practice.
  2. They never get used and thats why they are all still in mint condition.
  3. Im saving up for a camera
    Im looking for $400 for the whole batch. I really don’t want to sell them individually. Please message me if you are a serious buyer or have any questions about the yo-yos.