FS: A Bunch of Fun Stuff

Alright, a bunch of stuff for sale today. Condition of each item is listed below. Prices are shipped USPS Priority on items over $50, USPS Ground Advantage on items below $50, G&S fees included however F&F is preferred. Feel free to make offers on things you’re interested in, reasonable offers will be accepted.

SOLD - G2 Brass Herdsman - Unicorn Storm . $130. Herdsman is in like new condition with no damage, is smooth AF and comes with all original packaging and accessories. Would also LOVE to trade this for an AL7 Pilgrim in Unicorn Storm colorway.

SOLD - ZGRT El Tio - Raw. $175. This yoyo comes with all original packaging and accessories, I’ve also included a pair of pads, a concave D bearing for urnesponsive, and it comes with a 4mm bearing installed. Currently has clear flowed silicone for great response. Yoyo has no real damage but does have a lot of handling marks from living in my pocket, you cant feel any of them but they are there visibly (photod).

SOLD - Dressel Designs 5050 - YYE Galaxy. $80. If you’ve paid any attention to my BST adventures, you’ll know I hunted for this one for a long time. Sadly I still dont end up playing it as much as it deserves, and I’d like it to go to a good home. Yoyo is in great condition, no damage, very smooth and comes with original packaging, a pair of pads, and a flat D bearing.

SOLD - Duncan Butterly Bundle. $30. This bundle includes a 2023 Aluminum Butterfly pink/green halfswap, a new in package Spring time Butterfly, and a 1980s ‘Lacewing’ butterfly with a teflon coated axle. The 2023 Aluminum Butterfly does have a small hole drilled into both caps (used to test play without caps), is missing the black butterfly stickers, also has one small mark in the green half (photod).

Duncan Freehand - US Nationals Blue/Red/White swirl. $30. Yoyo is in great condition with no damage. This didn’t come in freehand packaging, but I put it in the package for display. Comes with original sticker that it came with.

SOLD - Yoyofactory Loop 720 Pair - Golden Glitter. $25. Pair of loop 720s in good condition with no damage. Also comes with 2 pairs of blue spacers for gap adjustment. I couldn’t get on with these and have a much better time looping imperials so I’m letting these go.

SOLD - Rain City Skills Ducc 1 & 2 - Raw. $40. Pair of Raw Duccs up for grabs. Ducc 1 has two dings (one per half, pictured) as well as a few scratches from being in my bag. Both of these have raw handling marks that cant be felt. Comes with two RCS strings, an extra concave bearing, axle, and 2 sets of RCS teal pads.

SOLD - ZGRT Espresso Tamper Knuckleroller - House Blend (oak/rainbow SS). $40. This is basically unused. I thought I would enjoy knuckle rollers but I do not. Comes with original pouch and sticker.

SOLD - Aroundsquare Modular Titanium Honey Dippers - $70. This is a knuckle roller that can also become begleri by unscrewing the beads. This item is undamaged, but has a few handling marks in the raw titanium. I thought I would enjoy knucklerollers and begleri, but I do not and this just sits. Comes with two lengths of paracord for begleri play.

SOLD - Markmont. Crease - Rainbow Bubbles - $70. This is a unique skilltoy from Markmont. made by One Drop that is really fun. I have two of these and definitely don’t play with them enough to justify two. This Crease is undamaged and beautiful. Comes with original cleaning cloth.


Bump, changed this to a major sale post with a lot of items up for grabs!

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5050 sold!

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Crease sold!

Herdsman sold!

I’m trying so hard to contain myself from buying that Ti Mijo. It’s just so sexy!


not to add to the temptation, but its really good! purchase for me was a little impulsive and i dont need it lol

el tio sold!

Titanium Honey Dipper Knuckleroller sold!

Duccs and Butterfly bundle sold!

Espresso Tamper and Duncan Freehand One still available.

Espresso Tamper Knuckleroller sold!