FS- 888 Black/Yellow Splash

Im selling this 2009 black with yellow splash 888 asking $90 shipped or best offer. It’s in good condition, it has small scratches that cannot be felt and are barely noticable and do not effect the play of this yoyo one bit.



Sorry guys Milk is sold

Interested in Milk a bit.


Is it 2% Milk? If its small bearing, then it is 2%. If it is large, then it is 1st run.

Makes me think, I might not want it if its a 2%, and he got it at BLC, so I think it is.

He told me that it is a 2%.

Actually I bought this a couple months ago and its not a small bearing. :wink:

Then that is a great deal! Somebody pick it up!
Milk Tres Leche is better though. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve tried one.

Are you taking trades?

Sorry Milk has been sold and Im not really looking for trades

Not “really” taking trades? Interested in a grey matter fade project?