FS: 44 clash Doomsday Genesis, Superstar, Czech Point & an Undersized

Doomsday Genesis - $70 shipped has 1 scratch on one rim and 2 in the same place from the same incident on the other. All are pictured. I get very smooth spins half the time and light vibe half the time depends on the throw per usual.

Superstar has 1 mark that is pictured $35 shipped. I thought this was a POS with vibe then I tightened it together all the way and it gets perfect spins go figure. Still way too wide for my liking.

Czech point is B grade. I threw it for one day. I bought it to get free shipping fro YYE to be honest and I’ve bought a chief, arctic circle, basecamp, kodiak, yeti, horizon and I just bought 3 werrd throws on the FB BST (check my last post looking for a split decision) I just don’t went a little crazy getting back into this. $15 and it’ll come with the counterweight it came with.

The undersized is an XS by Oddity Design. Small run from some random angel on Facebook. It weighs 64.92g and is super fun. I won’t lie I was gifted it and it has slight vibe probably bc the axle is a little longer than it should be. Really long spin times but it could use a new bearing. I’ll take offers on this maybe make it a deal sweetener or I’ll just keep it but I need to make back some money so offer up friends!

I’ll send more detailed images, spin videos or whatever anybody requests for transparency just let me know what you need to know.

Plastic Yeti 2.0 fg thrown in with any purchase :star_struck:


Price drop on Genesis and Superstar. Will throw in a Yeti 2.0 fool’s gold with any purchase :slight_smile:

7075 Genesis price drop

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