FS: 10 Year collection $UPDATE Sebby Peak and Draupnir Up for sale!

I have been collecting yoyos for about 10 years at this point. I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying all these amazing throws and it’s time to let them go.

Special section: Will add pictures later

  1. CLYW original Peak 2nd Run $300 shipped (Sebastian Brock colorway) I believe only 50 were made, it’s a collector’s dream. Sadly not mint as there’s a small mark on one side.

  2. Yoyorec Draupnir $180 shipped (Gold polished) Probably the best yoyo I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying

No box unless stated otherwise


Listed starting from top left:

  1. YYF Catalyst $55
  2. YYF Horizon Ultra $45
    3.YYJ Trinity $45
    SOLD!! 4. One Drop Cascade (has box)
  3. X cubed La Boutte # 132 $55
    SOLD!! 6. One Drop Mantis (Sunrise colorway 1/20 odds) $50
  4. Turning Point Basilisk light $60
  5. General Yo Prestige (Half blue half baby blue) $70
  6. Monkey Finger Galeda 1.0 (has box) $70
  7. CLYW Avalanche $80
  8. CLYW Gnarwal 1.0 $85
  9. CLYW Manatee $80
  10. CLYW Bonfire (has box) $80
  11. String Theory Lotus (has box) $50
  12. YoyoRec Sleipnir $115
  13. YYF 7076 aluminum Superstar $80
  14. sOMEThing by YoyoAddict Anglam $120

**18. sOMEThing by YoyoAddict Slasher $130
(Thanks to user Yosiah for noticing, this is a misprinted slasher and it actually says “SLAHSER”)

Thank you to everyone that spent the time to read my post, I’m happy to be able to share my collection with some of you even if you’re not planning on buying :slight_smile:




Shoot me an offer for whatever interests you!

No set price in mind currently

which ones the Superstar?

Superstar is the one on the bottom row, 4th from the left

Gold with green splash

how much are you wanting for it?

Send me a message with your offer!

No set price in mind so far

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Shipping bump

Price drop bump




really interested in the Slasher but don’t think I have the cash for that now :frowning:

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