FS: Peak 2 (BBB, FG), Borealis (FG), Werrd Fruiture, YYR Draupnir


Hey everyone,

I need to sell some yoyos! Unless you have an ART 420 (or maybe Grail) you want to part with.

Peak 2 (FG): Smooth as glass and beautiful BBB colorway. Plays really well, looking for 73.50 shipped.

Borealis (FG): Smooth on string with a bit of vibe on grinds. Has a few small knicks and flat spots but plays super well! Looking for 38.50 shipped

Werrd Fruiture: Fun throw, nice and smooth but covered in 3A marks. Plays great! Looking for 33.50

YYR Draupnir: Matte black with lots of play marks. This thing slays tricks and is super smooth! If you want a killer bimetal that you don’t need to pamper this is it! Looking for 88.50 shipped



Bring up my post!

(Samuel Yoder) #3

Is the Draupnir still available? And can you show the marks on it?

(LinkDawg) #4

I might want that draupnir or fruiture!


I want the bbb ill paypal tomorrow

(system) #7

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