So I get on the site to place another order, and BAM!!! No worky!!! >:(
Forum works, but not the sales site.
Wassup YYE?


There’s a big DOS attack on a major east coast internet provider today. Could be your problem.


A couple of more articles…

Da innernet is a wunderfl thing… :wink:


Yeah. Didn’t affect me much but there’s potential for a huge problem here.

(André Boulay) #5

Yes - so sorry - jhb was correct. We were unfortunately affected by that large DDoS attach that was happening that afternoon. :-\


Yeah, I watched the news and they said this cyber internet thing was going on. No problemo, not much you can do about that.
But riddle me this: Tonight I was waiting for the OD Prescription to drop, the timer reaches 0:00:00, and I am ready. I refresh about 2 dozen times, and the timer says 0:00:00 for five minutes, so I can’t order.
Just wondering…

(InvaderDust) #7

Everything is in stock at the time of this posting except for olive drab green. Get to it!


Yah! immediately after posting my last post above, I go back to the Prescription page, and lo and behold, I can place my order! So i gots me a watermellow Prescription coming, along with some AMMO string. I was worried I’d get smoked on the colorway I wanted…
S’all good… ;D


I’d like to blame the internet for that one as well, but that’s just simple human error on our part lol. Sorry about that!

Glad you got the color you wanted, it’s such a fun yo-yo!