Friendly reminder

just remember to not go to bed with your new yoyo in a knot​:+1::+1:

Dude I’m the worst about not untangling a knot, grabbing another yoyo, then forgetting about the one with a knot. Soooo many close calls!

Lucky!! I never do that but the one time I do…

Ouch! At least you hit right above your eye!

I always have that OCD in me that bugs my mind whenever there is a knot, and I’m not doing anything else before it’s fixed.
So I guess OCD is an evolutionary trait.

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So true

Half the time when I get a knot in a yoyo I just put it back in the case and grab another one :smiley:

Cracked my front tooth by doing that

This has been mentioned many times over the years and regardless how often you say it or how loudly, people just have to learn from experience! Besides, we need the pictures and stories to demonstrate how extremely intense and dangerous yo-yoing can be. ;D

Bad hit bro. I’m usually pretty good about this but there have been times. Nowadays I’m more worried about one of my daughters running into the rood mid throw and getting clocked lol

Christmas day i had something similar happen with my new Top Deck. Broke skin right above my eye brow. Wife thought it was hilarious but dang it hurt.

my eye looks a little better. Just hoping it gone by Tuesday.

Friendly reminder, always take the knot out, first thing…