Freshly Dirty Stale Bread vs Moldy Bread?

Has anyone used both? Stale Bread has been on my “wanna get this at some point but not super high priority” list for awhile, and I’m curious about the D-bearing variant. But I’m also kinda on the fence about D bearings. Can anyone compare the two?

I have a Cardboard Steamboat and Rooster proto and wasn’t blown away by the bearing; not sure if I’m missing something.

Have you seen this review of the Stale Bread? Makes a lot of good points. :joy:


Can’t tell if I’m more upset about how hungry that made me or the fact that he’s a better player than I am using a loaf of bread :joy::sob:


I have both, much prefer Moldy bread. Wider, kinda chill, kinda high performance, and really liking the D bearing. I play the crap out of it. It has a bit of magic to it as they say, imo


Moldy bread has a more unique feel because of the D-bearing but mine is kind of vibey. The axle is also a little thinner than usual so this may be the reason as to why but it’s still a lot of fun

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Wierd, Mine is pretty smooth. I know a lot of people say they don’t care about vibe, but for me, I love and appreciate a smooth throw. Out of the box it is so much more satisfying, and complete feeling after dropping hard earned dough. Just my opinion

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I needed this today. Think I almost choked when he pulled out that loaf.


My moldy bread is smooth as can be. I prefer the way it plays over the the stale bread, in fact it’s my favorite of all their yoyos. You can really feel the extra spin you get out of that smaller bearing on a good throw, with the extra rpm it feels nice and stable.

I have one of the sturm panzer bi-metal D bearings yoyos, a 7068 leo. That thing is crazy powerful for such a light yoyo. I’m gonna have to spring for a rooster.


Hey man…if you find you do not like it…let me know, I’d like to trade you for it?
Or work-out something…? Like to check out a moldy bread…

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