Fresh from the woodshop fixed axle fun






Crop circle response ;D


Truly beautiful! How does it play?

(WildCat23) #5

Loving the crop circle response! Design is amazing too!


Like an irving, but more comfortable on a catch. It is not as narrow either, so I think stalls are easier to regin out of. I may make a small run this summerfor the BST :wink:


These look awesome! Oh, and do they come apart?


Please do!


It is good to see another yo-yoer getting into hand turning yo-yos.


Awesome work!

My first attempt at a fixed-axle throw turned out to be a vibe-riddled monster, as you allude to! Had much better luck with subsequent attempts.

That crop circle response seems pretty cool! I just ripped off the TMBR style response for mine.

If you’re making a wait list, mark me down for one. :wink:


It is not a take apart. I will remember to take a photo of the response before I glue the two halves next time too.


Perhaps I could interest you in a powder coated tester? Free of charge of course.

I think a nice purple might suit you well. PM me if your interested.