Fresh Air - Justis Evans 2011

comment please

I think he just gave me a smack. Proud of ya bro! :stuck_out_tongue:

thanx man dude we need to help eachother out cause we may be future yys teammates ;D ;D ;D

naww dude…dont be like that some people PM’d me about how ur makin them feel bad and i can easily report u to Sam if u keep doing this and asking Sam about the team impatiently… If u could stop doing this and saying ur gonna get on the team cuz u have skilll. well, how bout personality. Please take this for ur consideration. Thanks

~Khent Jemaya

Sweet. I liked the multitude of spinning tricks (forgive my lack of a better description, I must sound silly)

I will say using a piece of music that was used in like 4 other videos is a bit of a red flag. It kinda bugged me during the video :wink:

I don’t know what this YoyoSam business is, but I think it’d be best to leave me out of the loop.

I’m not going to lie this is so much better than your other videos.

sweet moves…Im sure what ever justin did to make whoever feel bad is because he was caught up in the moment . i do think he should think about what he says or does before he does it.LOL. ;D who am i kidding i dont even care, if hes good then he should brag but not in a hurtfull way. JUST MY THOUGHTS

what are u talking about i didnt brag really