Freestyle Music Editing

Freestyle Music Editing

Hello! I’m Matt (aka Goog), you may know me from my work dyeing yoyos, and I’m an audio engineer/producer currently studying music technology in college! Over the years I’ve noticed a surprising number of freestyles with music hastily edited together or ending abruptly, and it frustrates me when an amazing player’s performance falls short as a result. I’d like to offer my audio expertise to help you make sure your next freestyle will wow the crowd. I have five years’ experience working with audio and use the industry standard software Pro Tools to get you the music you need to put out the freestyle you deserve!

My rate is $15, and for that you get:

  • Splicing and trimming audio to bring a song down to your required length (1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 3:00)
  • Censoring of any profanity to make the song usable in competition
  • Rearranging sections to fit a better flow for your freestyle
  • Mixing together multiple songs; max. 3 songs for 3 minute edits, 2 songs otherwise
  • Addition of effects/transitions/instruments to help make the final edit one cohesive track
  • Time stretching to slow down/speed up a song that doesn’t fit your pacing (not always perfect)
  • 2 free revisions

If you would like to commission an edit, please message me here - or send me an email at - and we can figure out what your needs are. I will respond within 24 hours and you can expect a turnaround of a few days for the finished product.


Bump, I’d love to edit some music for people, especially with scales open coming up!

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