Ever want a song that's exactly the length of your routine?

Well now you can get one! Hi guys! My name is Levi, and I yoyoed for 7 years semi competitively. One of the things that I was constantly frustrated over was how hard it was to find a song that a: matched your style, and b: fit the time limit I was working around. As time progressed, I moved away from the world of yoyoing and, ironically enough, discovered that I had, in all modesty, a pretty significant talent for making and writing music. I have now been writing music for only 9 months and already have some pretty impressive pieces to call my own. After all that though, I never was able to monetize it, until now. I am offering to make you a custom song that fits your playing style and time limit exactly. I am very flexible with how you want to do this, ranging from a blind song based on a single requirement to me keeping in touch and guiding you along the entire process, making sure you get exsactly the product you asked for. My currant prices are as follows:
Basic song (no special fx, base song only)
1min 2min 3min
$12 $15 $18
professional song (special fx, mixed and mastered. Sounds far better than a Basic)
1min 2min 3min
$20 $25 $30
if you prefer, I can also take a video of your best scoring tricks and write a song to that, but I have this option down here because in my personal experience, that just sounds too easy. Yoyoing is about having fun, and who’s having fun if you just have to string together your best tricks to get a high placing at a tournament? If you have any questions or concerns hit me up here on the forums or email me at leviduppong1210@gmail.com. The video is of me yoyoing partly because I wanted to show you guys I’m legit, and partially because I just thought it was a ton of fun, and I was trying to upload a few mp3 files of what you could expect to get, but it says that its not a supported file format. Oh well. If you want the samples, then hit my email. I’ll get them to you as soon as I can. Thanks guys!
Scales Open V - Amateur Division - 17th Place - Levi Duppong - YouTube

edit: I’m sure theres a hundred possibilities with what way this could go, and seriously, I’m open to any comments or suggestions, like for instance, I just thought of if you want, you can send me a preexisting song, and I could make a song based on that. One thing I forgot to mention is that due to my personal lack of necessary components I can not do remixes on already existing songs. Sorry… I work primarily using a thing called MIDI, and that does not serve very well with remixing.





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Man this is such a cool thing. If i were competing I’d totally take you up on that.