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He said that clean the bearing with “Contact Cleaner”, What is that?

-Is it okay to clean with contact cleaner instead of mineral spirits or lighter fluid?
-Does he attached the FHZ a KonKave bearing or stock? What do you think?

(JM) #2

Contact cleaner is a high-power solvent used to clean EVERYTHING off of metal. It is a great choice for cleaning ball-bearings, but only if you are going to lube it after words. Contact cleaner should only be used for the nasty jobs that mineral spirits wont clean. As a matter of fact, most brands of contact cleaner cannot be sold in California because they are too harsh on the environment.


-So is it okay or not?
-How do I clean it with Contact Cleaner?
-After cleaning, apply Thin Lube right?


(JM) #4

Assuming you want to keep it unresponsive, yes. Just a dab of thin lube is enough. You can run the bearing dry after cleaning it with contact cleaner, but it will wear out faster. Thin lube is the way to go.


It is stock.

JM, by Contact Cleaner, I hope you don’t mean Contact Solution, correct?

(JM) #6

Nope, contact cleaner and contact solution aren’t the same thing. Contact cleaner is actually getting pretty difficult to find nowadays.


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