Freehand One question

Is the US Nationals version the only one that is ~61g? There are so many versions, and I know most are ~67g. I wanted a lighter version, and wanted to check about options.


Yes the 2022 nationals version is lighter


I wish they did more lighter runs of the FH1. It’s hard to beat a bone stock FH1, but it’s so incredibly refreshing to throw one that’s a bit lighter as well every once and awhile. I feel like that was unintentionally lighter though since even @bjardin didn’t realize it until it was weighed.


Sorry to high jack the thread but those looking for Escolar FH. I bought this a couple hours ago


Yeah I think it’s a consequence of the transitional material (leftover plastic melted and swirled together, like mystery flavor Air Heads lol); maybe the factory had less and so used less plastic per yo-yo than they’d normally use for a run. That’s a complete guess though, and I don’t think transitionals inherently weigh less bc it would’ve been noticed over the years.


I wish they make a different version with 65 grams or something, maybe Freehand One Lite? 68 grams is fine but I prefer if it is a bit lighter.

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The 2022 US Nationals edition is apparently a little lighter. I remember seeing that in a thread here.

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