Freehand is all you need

Freehand is all you need

Lately many kids new to yo-yoing ignores basic responsive and narrow plastics and go straight to high-end unresponsive wide metals and I think this way they are missing many significant fundamentals of yo-yoing.

So I made short video showing that stock responsive Duncan Freehand 2.0 is all what they need, even for advanced play.


Love this. Speaks nothing but fact.

Skills are so yesterday! :stuck_out_tongue: Why practice more than you have too? That would mean that you have to yoyo more. Yoyoing more means you have more fun. Having more fun makes you want to yoyo. Having more fun and wanting to yoyo makes you better. If you are getting better, your skills are developing. If your skills are developing…maybe skills are so today! ;D

I don’t believe that one path of yoyoing fits all. I do believe that if you acquire the appropriate fundamental skills that you will most likely be much more succesful and be more likely to enjoy yoyoing for a very long time.

I guess that’s part of the freedom of yoyoing, to choose for yourself. As in all things, some make better choices than others.

Nice vid!

Btw, why start with plastic yoyos and bearings? How about that nice wood fixed axle?
Lol, I’m rambling. To much caffiene!! If my posts confuses you I apologize. If it doesn’t confuse you please explain it to me ;D.

Does a Freehand with Mod spacers still count as just a Freehand? Im gonna pick up a Pro Z this weekend and throw those spacers into my FH2 to see how it plays. Mine FH2 is a rare Vertigo FH2 so I havent really tried messing with modding it but this might be a harmless mod