New Responsive Duncan Freehand & Splash Barracudas!



The Freehand collection is probably the most iconic of the Duncan line. There has been many different models throughout the years with slight tweaks in design/material, but this latest iteration represents a complete redesign of the all-time classic to bring it up to speed with modern play!

The new Freehand fuses the classic Freehand style with the performance modern yo-yo players need to compete. It features a wider catch zone, low walls, and is easily upgradable for unresponsive play with a size C bearing.

The Freehand has a new angular profile and weight distribution that provides a powerful spin and great stability through tricks. It plays fast with a light and maneuverable feel on the string while still maintaining a great spin time.

Paired with a matching counterweight, the new Freehand is the perfect throw to start you on your 5A journey!



How can you do freehand with a responsive yoyo?


That’s an interesting question, that’s never come across my mind until you brought it up :smiley:

I guess you can still do the basics like with 1a, beestings and stuff like that are still doable.


I dunno, Steve Brown can probably show you…

You can easily do some basic freehand tricks with a responsive yo-yo. Most people don’t attempt 5A until they get decent at 1A, but the responsive Freehand is a good option for people to try out either style form the start.


I don’t suppose the pads/bearing/axle will be available on their own?

Even just the pads would be neat.


Not sure if they plan to release the pads. They seem similar to the thicker CBC pads though since they sit above the groove a bit.

The bearing is the same size as the CBC half spec or YYJ narrow bearings, and the axle is just a nut/bolt system so I doubt they will be sold separately.


Steve Brown’s immune to gravity. He could probably do a Brent Stole with a FAST 201.