Freehand helicopter/electric fan trouble


These tricks seem impossible. My cw hits the yoyo. Any tips? I cant find a good video on how to really do it. Am i just being lazy? Does it just come with practice? Sombody make a vid or send me a link to a vid that explains it. Do what i say or face the consequences! Or not. Its ur life…




not what i meant. look up the freehand trick helicopter


I know you were just rude so thats all you get.


on Efan, you don’t want to rotate the CW parallel to the yoyo, the CW plan should be at some angle.
also for efan, just go with the hand position you’re comfortable with, most tutorials say to do it palm down, and it’s not a very natural position, try palm up.

helicopter, I have no idea, you probably must have a very good sidestyle braintwister

but everyone and his cousin do this trick so I’m not putting in the work to get it and rather work on my own stuff