Help with Electric Fan

Hey guys!

I am having alot of trouble getting my hands to work in sync when dong electric fan. I can do the pinwheels and rotate the CW fine but when i try to do it together I just mess up. Any tips?


I mean like noonar said practice is the best way


I mean there really isn’t a trick to it.
You just gota’ keep the dice moving while you do all kinds of other stuff with the yoyo.
Try to do stuff that moves the yoyo in the same direction as the dice.

Slow it down, get comfortable with the trick, and practice.

Slowing down helped me as well as lots of practice. Good luck!

Practice doing just one rep at a time.

Get yourself into the hold and keep the counterweight spinning. When you feel ready, do one single electric fan rotation, and stop, still keeping the die spinning. Do another rep when you feel ready to do so.

Over time, you will be able to do a rep after every three spins of the dice. Then 2, then eventually one, and you will have it.

Remember to start the “pullover” at the point when the die is at about 5 o clock coming upwards, and take it slow, don’t try to go super fast from the start, its ok to go slow with flow :wink: