One Handed Helicopter Help?

I can do regular Helicopter, I’m working on Tangler too, but I saw in worlds 07 Tyler Severance did a 1 handed helicopter:

At about 30 seconds…

Could somebody give me help on how to do this?

Keep watching him do it and you’ll eventually catch up on what he’s doing.
So far, I can see he goes into a double or nothing. gets to roll, but instead lets go of the CW and does a up and down motion similar to butterfly or boing e boing to keep 'em swinging around.

I wouldn’t call that one a real 1-handed helicopter…

Red does a 1 handed helicopter.

Tyler’s is… easier to learn, for one.  It’s exactly how it looks, just keep trying.  Double or nothing, drop loop on right hand, spin both the yo-yo (in it’s trapeze) and the counterweight (on different planes).

Good luck.

Yeah, he calls it a Neverending-Doc

It is actually a trick that DocPop made and Tyler made it neverending.

Go into a Double or Nothing.
Drop 1 String
Do that odd butterfly motion

Wow then I was pretty close with my guess!!!

To do Tylers version you should just try doing a helicopter the putting the counter weight and the loop in the same hand after you the the regular helicopter going. hope this helped hope you get the hang of it soon.