Dublin String Co. has been a low key string company making string for a very select few. Ive decided to sale to the public. I will be adding more types very soon but for now I only make my biggest seller (Lucy’s) and DubS. I have three other types that should be perfected in a few weeks. I make a few different mixes and solid colors. The web site is under construction and will be up soon. Contact me with your info to receive two free Lucy’s.

pm or email me

lucys ( colors pictured) Lucys are my best seller as of now followed by Dubs in a close second. these aren’t wound to tight or to loose. slack players love them as well as tech players. give them a try they will sell there self. this is a fast but manageable string

10 pk 5.00

25 pk 12.00

Dubs (colors pictured) dubs are a little thicker than lucys but play the same. there perfect for large gap yoyos. these things are sick.

10 pk 5.00

25 pk 12.00

2.00 shipping on all orders

larger quantities upon request
LUCY’S ( string pictured)

Irish Blues ( color pictured)


Lucys and Dubs are avaliable in the following colors.(more coming soon)

left to right in picture

Irish Blues,Gray,Smurf,Blue gray mix,Orangetwist,gravel,traffic orange,white


This is a duplicate account for TylerJones. Contact him there as DublinStringCo.;u=27478