Free Hyper Freehand Die (Translucent Blue)!!! * Winner announced! *

So, the contest has now ended! I know everyone is wondering who won this beautiful die, right?

Well, it was a very tough decision making process on this one because there were a lot of good ones but there were about three that just stood out to me. Going into this I had my own judging criteria and already knew some things I was looking for… I won’t go into the reasons why I didn’t choose some people but I will tell you why I chose the winner.

The winner who gets the chicken dinner is…


I chose Durfee for a couple reasons but the d

One, I’ve talked with Durfee on several occasions in the years I’ve been on this board and he’s always been a good guy with good advice to be given. He has been yoyoing for a good while and I don’t think this is just a phase for him, I think he is in it for the long haul and I want this die to be put to good use.

Second, I think he has had a very hard time in life in recent years coping with cancer. He had everything going for him as a young adolescent and was struck with this horrible thing, trips in and out of the hospital for years. Everyone thought he was better at one point and then all of a sudden, BAM, back to the hospital for more probing and scanning… I’m not even going to try and understand what he and his family have been through but I know it’s been rough. The only thing that has kept his sanity is the throw of a yo. I know I can’t take cancer away but I would love to be able to keep it off his mind even for just a few minutes a day and I’m hoping a little 5a action will be the ticket for him.

So, congrats to Durfee for winning this lovely piece of yoyo awesomeness! (Contact me, Durfee, w/ your address.)

Also, this was so hard for me that I had to choose two other runner- ups. Granted they won’t be getting a Hyper Die but still excellent dice none- the- less… The two runner- ups are Buck (OneDef1) and Trevor (Trevlor). I chose them really because they took the time to write poems! That’s right, POEMS! But what really blew my mind about Buck is that he wrote rhyming poems and he is deaf. That takes skill right there. I wrote poetry for a while so I know it takes at least a little bit of a thought process to get it down and have it be about yoyoing as well. These two fine folks will be getting YYF Spintop Buttons.

You three folks contact me with your addresses.

  1. Durfee
  2. OneDef1
  3. Trevlor

You heard it right kiddies! Im giving my pride and joy away to one lucky thrower. This is my last Hyper Die since giving away a few clear ones a while back and this one was special to me for one reason or another but I feel I’d like to spread the 5a love…

Anyways, all you have to do is tell me why, in PM or in this thread, why you want or need this die. If I like what you have to say then I will PM you asking for your info.


Good Luck!

Please put the Subject as “Hyper Die” so I can sift through them.

even better ill give you 5 bucks for it?

I stink at 5A, I need to learn the style. I even drilled a rock for a counterweight.

Nope. Its free.

Why do I want it . BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME!!!

Because I feel company counterweights arent necsarry and home made is better and because I dont have a drill strong enough to go through a dice, only a ball which is torn apart now, and 5A is a great style to learn

Guys, you’re supposed to PM him. He probably won’t count you if you just reply to the post.

This is a duncan counterweight, it came with an old hyper freehand.

sorry to break the news but that is a company counterweight

I’ve always wanted one of these but never been able to get my hands on one. I love 5a and to have this would make doing 5a even more awesome! My youtube user name is 5adude!!!

I meant i feel there is a need to buy company counterweights but never ha done, and my bouncy ball is breaking, :wink:

You can post in this thread or PM me or comment on my blog:

When are you going to anounce the winner?

This Friday (6/25) night.

That is so cool… I didn’t know they put out Translucent Duncan Die

Whoa, that looks sick! I want one so bad. ;D

oh my god i love 5a … i tried it with my LynFury and i learned few new tricks … i want to learn more, but i cant with LF … please give me that yoyo … i love playing 5a with my LF, and i think with that yoyo i will be MONSTERRR :D:D

i will learn all 5a tricks for yaa ;d

best wishes, george :D:D:D:D

I think there is some confusion here… I’m not giving away a yoyo (YET!). Right now I am giving away the translucent blue DIE (counterweight).

He’s just excited. :slight_smile:

OOps … my wrong :smiley: :smiley:

still have it