Free Hand Zero

does the free hand zero come responsive?
What other pad can fit in the groove of the yoyo to make it unresponsive for whips, slacks etc.?

There is no groove. It is responsive, and it uses friction stickers.

Yes it does come responsive.

Thin lube won’t make in unresponsive…

You can recess it or I’d get some different pads. Like Dif pads. Kentaro pands and Any pads.

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Silicone recess is very good!
I suggest that you do that.

i would recess it but i dont have a drill or anything but can you actually fit dif pads in it

Yeah you can put dif pads in.

which one the regular ones or the .555 and will the thin pad make it less responsive or the thick pad

The thin pads will make it less responsive.
But with the freehand it will still be responsive I believe.
It will still be smooth although.

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thanks and i believe i should buy the regular ones not the .555


Also, just play with the bearing for a long time and it will break in and it will be unresponsive.

thanks i will order them a little bit later

Or you can wear out the friction stickers.

yes but i want it to be unresponsive and smotther so im just gonna buy the pads

yes but it would not play as good like what happenned  with my mosquito it did not play good at all

OK then. The dif pads should be good.