Free Christmas yoyos

What about a local school or youth club ? Set as a prize first to do 5 tricks or write a story ect etc.

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Well said doc. I believe it would make a great candidate for the traveling throw so it gives the creator the joy of knowing his love was shared. If my message yesterday leads me to getting one, I’ll take your advice.

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This is my first post, but I’ve gotta comment on this one—what an awesome thing to do! I just got into the hobby back in August when my son got a Butterfly XT for his birthday. I’d had solid axles in the past and decided to pick up a new one so we could throw together. Little did I know how much things have changed since the ‘90s, and suffice it to say, I now have 7 throws, 4 coming in this Christmas. I’ve been really impressed by the stories I hear about the community, and this one just adds to it. Thank you for doing this, Cannon, and I hope everyone had a good Christmas!


There are none left. Waiting on a handful of addresses.

Thank you for all of your interest and thank you for all of the kindness. I had people ask to send one as a gift to other yoyoers and a couple that wanted to use them as traveling throws. This has always been a community that makes me proud to be part of.

For those that recieved a message saying you will receive one: does anyone specifically want this? It’s the only one left of this colorway and I didnt realize I had it. Again, first person gets it.


I’ll call it! :slight_smile:



Hey yall. Sorry for the delay on shipping. Didnt realize getting shipping boxes around the holidays was going to be difficult. Bought some online and got everything packaged. Shipping during my lunch hour this week.


I would like one

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Take all the time you need! Definitely appreciate the legwork you’re putting in on top of doing this in the first place.


It’s all good! I really appreciate it


But understandable.

Yeah no rush whatsoever! Your generosity in offering these up in the first place is magnanimous, nobody who’s getting a free Christmas yoyo is going to complain about how quickly or slowly it ships.



This is awesome @Cannon!!


I’ll gladly take one if you still have some left

Yoyos all shipped! I’ll try to get tracking numbers to everyone in the next day or two. I hope you all enjoy them! :heart:


Awesome, look forward to it!

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Thank you!

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Couple final thoughts before I turn this back into my normal BST.

If for some reason your tracking number doesnt work, let me know.

I hope you all love the yoyos and give them good homes, whether that’s yours or you pass them on to another person :heart:


Super cool thing to do man. Really looking forward to it.


Oh boyohboyohboy! Christmas has arrived!

This is a nice yoyo! I guess I wasn’t expecting it to be this nice but it plays like a premium throw.

It’s narrower than anything else I own, which along with the rounded-out sort of H shape makes it interesting to play and quite different from anything else in my little collection. So it definitely has a home here for a good while!

Thanks so much @Cannon! You’ve offered these up for free and even refused offers to cover shipping so I’ll be on the lookout for an opportunity to pay your kindness forward, since I cannot pay it back.