Fred Durst

is a jerk

I know you are so what am I

So are you, unlike me

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I would say Talentless removed

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Frontman from Limp Bizkit


Hey its FRED! (squeaky voice)


I thought he died in the Playboy mansion…

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that’s on my bucket list…

mind as well…

peanut buttah
hooooolaaa hoop
still silly
crane game
oblivious to the world around him
only the coolest thing since canned bread


Almost all radio musicians have no talent. Just marketability

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and a computer

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Every single mainstream composer wouldn’t release an album without a computer. You name em… Logic, Protools, Ableton, whatever is meant for creating music production. Even fall to garage band if you want for underground or bands with not enough money. Any hiphop beat is atleast 250k if it’s big. I record at the Cutting Room Studios in NY. HUGE. I ran into Passion Pit, Salina Gomez, and then they have a ton of platinum records all over the walls. Sure its expensive but really worth it. We decided were going to invest in increasing our own studio but still that place is amazing. If someone went dry vocals on a CD odds are they dont have enough money for Mellidine or any autotuning software to fix those small notes missed. NOONE is perfect…until the computer ;D I LOVE street preforming. A lot of live preformances use auto tune and whatever (look at string burn live). I just absolutely love producing music and this is the direction it has taken. 20 years ago. So if your looking for music with talent and not market… depends who you like maybe you’ll just have to stick to live music (which can still be fixed) but that is completely wrong. TONS of people on the radio have SO MUCH talent and TONS that aren’t on still do too. I think it takes working in the industry to get it. That’s just so closed minded that they all are talentless. They made it somehow.

edit: fred durst is very capable/talented. Wes Borland is amazing and left the band because they were selling out. He was in a band with his brother wearing animal costumes. He stood to his ground they all had talent (limp and his current). He also returned to limp and is with the band now and still believes they all have talent. I don’t think Ibanez would have made a guitar for him if they didn’t believe in him/the band either.

The problem that I am addressing is when the computer is used to replace talent, not for production. I don’t care if it’s “popular”, “good” music. Auto tune is just disgusting. A singer who can’t sing should not try to be a singer. If you’re ugly as crap, I’ll just stick to the CD. My opinion.

I digress, the topic is Fred Durst.

In my opinion, if you can’t play live without vocal manipulation then give up cause the music has no soul, that’s why I’m not a fan of techno.
Look at all the great rockabilly bands from the 50’s. Amazing and 0 production or manipulation