Freakhand Response Question

Ok so I just got a freak hand and was wondering if any body knew how to make it unresponsive I already cleaned the bearing with the mineral spirits then the paper method to dry it completely then compressed air then lightly lubed it but there is no difference.

What lube did you use? Also you need either a recess or take out one friction sticker.

When drying just put it on a pen and spin it then wipe it off with a paper towel.

The one I got came with fairly thin spacers. I had to put in thicker spacers to get the response where I wanted it. Although just cleaning the bearing should have made it unreponsive. It would still be grabby because of the tighter gap. Try putting in some thicker spacers and see how it feels then, unless of course it already has maxed out spacers.

Do this :).

Let the lube break in, my Freakhand is almost completely unresponsive, and I never cleaned the bearing, or removed a friction sticker. I left it stock, and it is a great yoyo stock.

Also freakhands are stock recessed.

Just noticed that :).