Fpv anybody?


Hey guys I got into fpv drones recently and I’m loving it! Anybody else like mini qwads? If so, let us know and let me know what your set up is. Rn I have a taranis qx7 I’m rocking some cheap Kylin type goggles and for the actual qwad I did the uav futures 99$ build loosely but I upgraded my motors to some emax red bottoms. It flies really good. I can post some pics later. It’s a great hobby. I definitely recommend you check it out if you haven’t heard of or seen it here’s a good video that give a good idea of what it’s about.


Here’s a video of my cruddy skills. Lol


I like using Parrot

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I am currently 35.
I used to be into this hobby. I left FPV long range fixed wing and mini multi rotor after being pretty deep in for a long time. I sold off my equipment about 4 years ago and started yoyoing, playing Magic the Gathering, and spending more time with my wonderful wife. FPV was a very solitary hobby both in build and operation. When i started FPV about 7 or 8 years ago, we had such big, hacked, heavy equipment. Now a days its so cheap and powerful, and RTF. Glad its still going strong! I started with long range fixed wing and worked my way down to FPV mini multis way before there was even racers or that scene.

here is some of my old stuff. I keep the real long range stuff priviate, but if you want to see 3+ miles fixed wing flights, ill pm you links.