Do you have a mini quad racing drone? CHECK THIS OUT!


Have you ever needed some specific part for your mini quad that isn’t for sale? Are there little things you could add to your racing quad to make it more durable? More cleanly built? Less prone to damage? More visually appealing?

What problems does not having these parts cause? Cut antennas that caused a crash? Broken motor bells? Broken ESC’s due to prop strikes? An improper FPV camera angle?

If you had parts that could save you from a single crash, would it be worth the investment? How much does one crash cost you? Is prolonging the life of your parts worth the investment?

What parts do you need? ESC protectors? Receiver mounts? Motor guards? Custom micro quad frames? FPV Antenna protectors?

I’m offering 3D printing services specifically geared towards mini quads and radio controlled units. You can see by the pictures that I have many of these parts already on my builds and I love them! PM me for something you need for your quad and I’ll get you a quote so that you can start protecting your investments in this very damage prone sport.

I offer white, yellow, fluorescent yellow, red, green, and black in PLA. I can also make custom keychains seen below!

I want to see people flying more and repairing less! Get out there and fly guys!


Can you 3d print me some money cause I spent it all on quads and now I’m broke. And so are my quads.


I can try! What quads do you have?