AR Drone? Anyone got one?


Hey guys, So recently i’ve been wanting to get into R/C again. I’ve been shopping around online looking for a cheap setup to get started again. I stumbled across this new expensive toy called the “AR Drone” It’s a Wi-fi/battery powered quadricopter w/ two mounted onboard cameras controlled using your Apple or Android tablet or smartphone. It’s an amazingly capable and cool toy.
I was wondering if anyone on here has had the chance to buy or try out one of these? And if you have, Do you know if it will work with my Samsung Galaxy S3? I’m seriously thinking about buying one of these things and would appreciate some feedback.


My friend does, thinking about the v1 or v2?


V2 I think. I need to do more research though. Is your friend a forum member?


No, but the battery life on the v1 last like 15 min.