Anyone know any cool gadgets??

Looking to buy something cool online. Any ideas!?

Google Glass.

Yeah if it didn’t cost so much

Get a smart watch.

A 3D printer lol

Sifteo cubes

I saw these online once now I want them I find them interesting and intriguing.

Oh and how about a 3D printing pen only $99

Does anyone know any good Polaroid instant cameras?

Well, one thing I’m doing is, I have an iPod nano 6. The little one. I’m going to get a watch strap for it. So I will practically have an iWatch for half the cost.

how did I know this was coming.

Cool stuff costs money…

Those were cool 40 years ago. Not now.

You could buy a yoyo. I heard those are pretty cool. Or I saw a remote-controlled paper airplane. You can add remote control capabilities to your own paper airplane. How cool is that?

A yoyo? Who uses those?!?!?
And I loved that site, I went nuts for that plane! I would love to pilot that all day :slight_smile:
My sis lobes batman so I sent her the links for the batmoblie,batman contacts,brake lights etc.

Thanks for the advice superman

Rubber band machine gun kickstarter!

There’s always Vat19.


This thing
I have one and it works flawlessly on any emulator.

Oculus Rift