Foxland Precision YOYO Katz Meow Gen 2

Foxland Precision YOYO Katz Meow Gen 2


Today I would like to review the Foxland Precision YOYO Katz Meow Gen 2

I first heard of the Foxland brand form looking over many of the buy, sell, and trade forums. With only a few reviews on this brand there was not a whole lot to go by. So I continued to look for more reviews till I had found the opportunity to try one for myself and so I did at the Georgia yoyo contest 23 July 2011.

This is where I did get to met Mr.and Mrs. Rollin, what a great team. If you watch them long enough they would even finished each other sentences and or thoughts. So anyhow as I was speaking to Mr. Rollin about the Katz Meow he mentioned to me about the second generation version and went on to explain how he shaved off a bit from the inside wall of the yoyo to lighten the weight to create what many others players would call a speedy yoyo. So after a while I convinced myself to go on and buy one.

Appearance and Specs:

My Katz Meow Gen 2 is a B grade only because I did not have the Foxland or the Katz Meow logo on it. The finish of the yoyo is a glossy black; it also came with two sets of D bearing with extra neon green string, and 2 pairs of response pads all placed in a simple white box.

Width: 41.6 mm
Diameter: 50.5 mm
Gap Width: 3.5 or 4.5 mm
Weight: 62 grams
Response: Silicone
Bearings: 5 x 11 x 4 mm

Reference form - Description/ Thank you card

First Impressions:

I noticed that it was definitely smooth player I really could not do much since I did not cut the string.The glossy finish maybe a problem for me to perform any type of grinding and that some of my throws was off as I also noticed that the yoyo would somewhat stick to my hands.

Now could this be a speedy competitive yoyo even with the glossy finish I think very much so. I ask a high level player to play with the yoyo for me just because this maybe the only time that I would ever met him and it would be really cool to tell my children when they get older that Mr. ______________ played with this yoyo. I am a huge fan of his; sorry I will not say his name without his permission. But he also noted the same thing about the glossy finish of the yoyo, anyhow while he was playing all I could do was watch in awe how the Katz Meow was bouncing in the air landing and spinning with so much speed. I was truly thankful to this player to let me see what kind of wild kat this yoyo is and the fact that he shared some of his time really took it to higher level.


Due to the glossy black finish of the Katz Meow I would rate it like any other plastic yoyo
Palm grinding slows the spin to a stop.
Finger grinding is much like the arm grind the Katz Meow will claim right up at full speed.
Arm grinding its Great!

String Play:

For my style of play its great really simple and smooth even with regeneration I’m not all that great but it still works nicely.


Well I still suck at this point so I’ll just be lying to you all.

Hops and Transition:


Speed -Sleep time:

I would rate the speed of the Katz Meow way above average, if not better sleep time is long enough to get through a long combo. Although I don’t play horizontally.I think Mr. Rollin may had Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” in mind here.

“There were a few short comings, though. I found that on fast movements and near the end of the spin, the Katz Meow started tilting. This is easily correctable, but it is something that I found that was discouraging. When throwing horizontal tricks, the Katz Meow had zero interest in participating. The speed needed to pull off the horizontal tricks just does not sit well with the Katz Meow.”

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Big-o’s Final thoughts:

Although I do not have the unnamed player skill or years at play with the yoyo I do believe I have the very same joy whenever I do get to play with any of my yoyos.

With that being said it has been about 2 and half weeks that I have owed and played with the Katz Meow Gen 2 and I can only say that I enjoy playing with it every time. I do think that if the glossy finish was changed to a bead blast finish it may bring more to offer to the table. The positive side for the glossy finish is that I had a few hard hits with concrete flooring whether if its due to luck or its durability I would say this yoyo still looks as if it was just taken right out the box.

Thank you Mr. Rollin for making a GREAT yoyo!

Best wishes to all.