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(Chris Allen) #1

Among the great joys I have in writing reviews is the opportunity to help discover and credit a new yo-yo manufacturer. I had caught a few bits of news about Foxland Precision and Alvin’s work, and when he called me up to ask about sending me a Katz Meow review unit (and a few sponsorship units for Cal States) I was thrilled. Here was a new yo-yo that people were interested in by a new company based in the heart of Tennessee. This week I got a chance to play the Katz Meow, and talk to Alvin about what is going into the next run of Katz Meows scheduled to come out soon.


(cottoncandym1) #2

that is a sweet yoyo


i am having a problem with the spintimes, i think its the bearing but i dont know, i have been throwin it for about a week now and it just started loosing spintime, i havent changed the bearing out yet, so if anyone can help me please send me a message or comment, thankyou

(Chris Allen) #4

clean the bearing.


Thanks dude that will help my other bearing but i mean what about the foxland precision one, cause that one comes open i guess

(Chris Allen) #6

You can do the same thing with the Katz Meow one, and if you can’t get it open then just keep it close. It will still help