This is the tutorial that I had previously said I would publish it next Wednesday, but I decided to go ahead, make it, and post it today!

Feedback is greatly appreciated!


Great trick, great tutorial. I love how you make the moves look like a bouncing motion. It adds great style to the trick.

One question: Can I repeat that first slack motion more/less than 2 times?

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Cool trick! I could see using that first slack whip as an extra flourish leading into wrist mount no matter which wrist mount trick I was doing.

My 4-yo invented a trick he called “Batman,” and I told him that someone out there had made up another trick with that name (preparing him for when I hopefully learn it and show him). He wasn’t disappointed, he was interested and wanted to see it already. “Gotta learn it first,” I told him.

His “Batman” is funny. He’s only 4, so he doesn’t know from tricks, but it was creative of the little guy anyhow. “You chase the bad guy here,” he says, and gets me to do a pinwheel at head height. “And then you chase him here” (and then doubled-on 1.5 at waist level undone immediately to trapeze) “and then Batman goes home” (walk the dog).

But back to YOUR trick… I like that it’s a wrist mount trick, riffing on the classic “Superman” trick (my current favourite trick!). I’ll soon be able to pull off a crime fighting duo…

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Oh yeah, totally! Do it as many times as you would like.

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Yeah, the first part can definitely be its own WM variation.

Cool! Your son sounds like a really cool four year old, LOL. I can’t wait until you show him the trick! Please post about his reaction once you show it to him! LOL.

Oh yeah, rock that duo! LOL.

:smiley: I was actually hoping to lessen the amount of times I do the slack part.

LOL. Is it pretty hard for you?

Yes, it is hard if I am doing 2 at a time. With one though, it is more easily done. I have now got the trick down.

i really like the whip thing at the beginning! thanks for the tutorial

Good for you!

Why thank you and you are quite welcome!



Great trick! Another one I have to learn.

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Awesome! I am glad you like the trick!

I’m only twenty views away from a hundred now! (Once I reach that goal, I will quit bumping this thread as usual.)