Found this on the YYF


I found this on the YYF Remember, even if your selacone smells nasty like bad cemicals and also canser, don’t mix it with nutella-sauce, because then the yoyo can do not the binds.


And you’re saying you werent the one that wrote this?


A post like that makes me hate humanity


Replace 888x with Cypher and you would be pretty accurate.


God forbid a yoyo that smells like canser… better heal the canser with nutella.


On the upside, we have found a problem in life that can’t be solved by Nutella.



What does canser even smell like?


Well, sounds like selacone smells bad. Silicone smells mostly like vinegar, which can be bad also. I imagine cemicals must smell much worse than chemicals, though I’d hate to be the one to verify that. Just hope that you never get canser, it’s probably more incurable than most forms of cancer… :wink:

You’re the one that said it in the first place…


Its not a real thing so I have no idea…


At least once a day, I crack up laughing at a question asked on there. It’s the best combination of entertaining/humorous question meets informative/witty answer.

Besides, I hate Nutella, so how could that fix anything? :smiley: He went about that all wrong. Next time, he should use peanut butter.


Yeah, I tried Nutella once, and liked it a little, but apparently I’m very allergic to hazelnuts. Never again.

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The selacone/Nutella ratio is extremely delicate. You can’t just pour them together. It takes science man!


Lol, exactly what I was thinking. Nutella can save everything, but only in accurate and precise quantities.

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as in accurately nothing


OMG THIS THREAD! ;D Sarcasm meets serious. But anyways, do you think this guy must have been kidding? No way would he do this


Yeah, that’s a troll.


No it’s actually for real, he posted a video of his attempt.


I’ll do it if I buy some selacone.


Wow. It looked like it was gonna work really IMO 8)


lik dis if u cry evertim