1A tutorial - Delicious, Delicious Nutella


My first tut  ;D
let me know if you have trouble
Is the tut easy to follow?
Should I make more?
Let me know!


quoting myself for mobile users


Oh, can you guys tell me if you’ve Aden anything like that trapeze whip?



Nice binds


Thanks :smiley:


Keep making them man


Ah thanks! You’re my Savior! I was questioning whether I should do more or not, so I would wait and see if anyone would compliment the tut in any way.


(Kei) #8

I like it! The community can always use some tutorials. ALWAYS :<


good tutorial. too bad i hate nutella.


How could you hate nutella?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?



it’s the wrong texture for the taste. and it’s too sweet


Well, more for me! :smiley:


awesome tut man. make more! ill ship you a nutella sandwhich if you do! nutella is awesome! in fact imma pack some for school tomorrow. and maybe ill have a midnight snack hmmm…


as i mentioned before, try spreading nutella all over a hot dog, and wrap the nutella hotdog in bacon! no joke, its good! eat it with waffles or pancakes, or as is! also wrap the nutella bacon hot dog in a pancake, then you have the worlds best pigs in a blanket!


I almost threw up while reading this. What a waste of a hotdog and bacon, no offense.


you ship me a jar of nutella an I’ll name a trick after you!


dont be afraid to try weird food man :wink:

ITS GOOOOD no joke its real tasty!