Cheese Nips- A Delicious Tutorial

Cheese Nips! Whats up?!

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Hey its steven’s trick! ;D

Good tutorial!


I hope Steven sees this, it might make him feel better.

nice tut and nice drums

Thanks guys!

I love every single one of your tuts ;D

i can’t do that, i may be able to soon! btw! your so cooky! its hilarious! ;D

Mmmmmmmm. I ate your trick.

must…learn…so awsome…

Hey Joe, whats your youtube account name?? I like to check out your vids. And great tut but I already know that trick. Later.

Keep it spinning™

It’s ViewtifulPanda…

Addment: For the record. Click the video in this thread and you will be linked to Youtube…

Awesome as always Joe ^^

Thanks for the support guys! :slight_smile:

Excellent tutorial. And I laugh out loud every time I see you hop around.