Variation of my trick Cheese nips video #1

We also have a #2 variation but that’s tomorrow kids.

How do you like it?
Do you like my singing?

great tutorial and i started laughing when i heard you singing

great song by the way

haha, im glad you like my singing. I like rubber duckies.

Nice! Although, I couldn’t understand half of what you were singing. All I know is that I like rubber duckies! ;D

The trick itself is choppy in the sense that it doesn’t flow smoothly. :frowning:

i kinda agree. steven, work on getting the beginning and the end to flow a little better with the middle part which i thought flowed very well.

Come on Samad! He just got back into yoyoing! Cut him some slack.

Hey constructive criticism never hurts

Haha i know what you mean Samad. He doesn’t have to cut me slack, he’s helping ME be a better yo-yoer. I just tried fooling around with it and i just got it yesterday and hopefully i can make it smoother. Thanks.


Now that the spirit. Back to the point very thoughtful trick, though i agree it needs smoothing out.


Loved the singing LOL

Ha ha thanks. Again I just started to do this yesterday and i filmed it yesterday so no worries. It will be smoothed out. ;D


HOLY CRAP!!! Can I buy that song on I-tunes, Rawr, muffins taste better than dinosaurs, rubber duckies!!! la! AMAZING, nice trick to!

It’s actually a variation of my trick i made called Cheese Nips. I’m sorry you can’t get my album called “duckies and dinosaurs rule” I have a new concert coming up tho!