A trick a made up called Cheese Nips.

This is a trick i named up.  This video is me showing you how to do it.  Subscribe to me!
Like my trick?  Tell me how i did in the video! :slight_smile:

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Nice string…Ha… And you are good at what you do, but the video (I’m sorry steven) should contain audio of your voice with explainations on how to complete this trick, not text, because new people to the sport can easily get confused with videos of this nature, don’t get me wrong I got the trick down easily and with the video you posted, you made it very easy to do with your text assistance, but like I said, and in this case, you confused the others that are new to the sport, that were trying to get this trick down beside me, two of them were confused actually and I had difficulties explaining it to them, but my girlfriend and I got it quick and thank you steven for helping me create the beginning to a freestyle that amazed the guests at my apartment… So I do have to say it was a great video overall for me… And I look forward to seeing your version of a bind tutorial…

I got to say, this was a wonderful step up from Big Boom. It has great elements of a trick, slack, a good mount, and creativity through all of it. I can’t wait to see more from you, as it is obvious you are gonna be a great yoyoer.

THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Is that your new MarkMont?


Yes. That was my MarkMont. and the first post guy, i coulden’t do saying audio cause my camera isn’t that good so i have to do text. Plus doing the text is more fun, and looks better from my opinion. But oh well. I like doing it this way and i’m going to keep doing it this way. Saying it is just not my thing. Sorry :frowning:

dude i got it nicetrick i like it and ya i learned it NICE!!!

I’m glad you like my trick. Is it your favorite right now? :wink:

It can be. Do you mind if I take certain elemants of this trick, and then I create something of my own? I want to make it longer, and try to play around with it a little.

I’ll make a video of it, after I am done (If you let me, that is)

Have Fun Throwing,

Sure! but you have to say SteveYoYos inspirired me to make my trick. :P. That fine? I’ve ben thinking about trading my markMont for a 888. Would that be a good trade?

Lets discuss this in the chat!

Also, on ur fav yoyos, is the M1 still ur fav? I;m thinking you want to change it.

Stevenyoyos whats your youtube username?

Thanks for telling him Kim-Lan.

you may know by now but I subbscribed.

Yes, i know :wink:


Steven I think you took my comment the wrong way… The trick was great and it was very easy for me to understand your steps to complete it, I hope I did’t offend you because I’m sure that many of the people on this site along with me would like to see more of your videos…

It’s okay. I know what you ment. I got to say it is easy to confused cause i say throwhand and nonthrowhand alot and it does get confusing. but it’s the easiest for me, and some people.

yeah that was realy good i like the trick to. thanks

Thanks. :slight_smile: