Found close please

Hi , good at 1a but Decided to try 5a , please recommend good porykon counterweight and tell me difference between them and how it affects play
Also what takeshi uses ?
ATTENTION, I am masochist, so please no soft counterweights

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If you are just starting out, I would recommend a soft counterweight like the Duncan rubber ball counterweight or yotrick’s chainmail counterweight. You’ll be smacking your hand with the counterweight a lot, and while you’re in that stage, hard plastic counterweights will hurt.


If you are a beginner I would recommend a rubber ball about 2.5cm and 11gram.
Rubber because you can go really all in and do not hurt yourself.
Basically you can use anything as long as the weight fits. Drip shapes feel good imo.
I would not buy one of these crazy expensive pieces of plastic!
Here my last design:


Thanks for help , please recommend porykon counterweight

Looks good , some crazy guys recommend me to use lastic (thing that delete pencil from paper ) with hole in it

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I do not find that crazy (it is soft and cheap), when I started we used dice which is the most stupid counterweight ever imo. Enjoy 5A is the best!

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With dice on your string you can win some cash on the streets you know what I am saying)
So nah dice = nice