Forward In Time

11 years and still throwing.
New tricks inspired Sean Vandzant, John Chow, Alda Chow, Eric Tranton, Adam Brewster, Kengo Kido, Jensen Kimmit, and Zach Gormley.


are you sponsored? Because you are intense.

One of the greatest yoyo videos I have ever seen. It was amazing how you put all types of yoyoing into the video! 11 years? That’s a long time! Thanks for letting me see this masterpiece… ;D

That was sick! I sat in awe throughout the whole thing! ;D

Awesome Jayyo

He got offered, but he said no.

I’m quite seriously impressed.

Gasps You are my new favorite 5A player! And 2A! And 52A! What? I’M NOT CRAZY!!! But seriously, that was amazing! Why didja turn down the sponsorship?


What yoyo did he use anyway?? ???

Thanks for the comments guys!

yoyos used:
1A: Atmosphere, FHZ, Legacy
2A: Raiders
3A: Projects
4A: Bigyo
5A: MK3

I don’t want to be sponsored thats all.


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