Forum ranks?

Is there any way to get forum ranks? Like whenever you get so many posts and so much ontime logged into the forum your rank goes up?

Doubtful, this is old forum software.

Kind of a pointless system. I’m obviously sucking at this.

no… Smitty… He was number one!


LEGO’s forums uses a rank system. I thought before about how cool it would be for YYE to do this…

Hopefully, when the forums get updated (isn’t it supposed to get a makeover soon?) they will implement it.

Lego also happens to be a terrible, controlling forum.

American DJ and Elation also use ranking systems. I was a moderator at the American DJ forum until I chose to have a very public explosion at one of their now former employees over the way he poorly treated myself and many other forum members. I took advantage of the opportunity by deleting my account there.
I also permanently left the Elation forum at the same time, requesting account deletion as I was not a moderator there.

The guy was let go shortly afterwards. Or he left. Either way, his short stay wasn’t a welcome one.

We don’t need rankings. It’s really just a level associated with how many postings you’ve done. It’s not a real indicator of anything. We should all be equal here. Of course, some people are names with more skills, knowledge, experience and insight. They take it upon themselves to share.

Good point. I change my mind. LOL.

Ahahahaha… those were the days :smiley:

Better yet, a device that automatically bans people who make 1000 posts a month. The forum would be a better place.

I don’t know, dude. Your forum name suggests otherwise.


Hue hue hue hue

I am 12 and what is this?

Looks like Jason is up to his old tricks… What a prankster…

[quote=“LinksLegionaire is #19,post:12,topic:59268”]
Yikes. Looks like you’ve slipped a few ranks since my last post. Better work on that.

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All I can think about when I read this thread is

Number Six: Who are you?
Number Two: The new Number Two.
Number Six: Who is Number One?
Number Two: You are Number Six.
Number Six: I am not a number! I am a free man!
Number Two: [laughs]

(Taken from ‘The Prisoner’)

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Number 5 is alive stephanie!


Wow! I seem to have surged into the lead! I’m so flattered!

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Can I be a negative number?

Why are you asking me? It’s not like I’m making this ranking thing up or something. :wink:

I call 34.