Forum help!!


How do I upgrade my level , like there are administrators . Post masters ect.


well, if you become a moderator, or an administrator. but you don’t actually do it yourself.

there may be ranks (didn’t bother to check) depending on the number of posts you have, but that doesn’t make any sense as there can be one guy with 10000 “LOL” and “ok”, and another with 10 helpful posts.

but aside of the title itself, moderator is a responsibility, almost a job (except that you usually don’t get paid, a shop discount maybe, I don’t know), administrator means that you have the virtual “keys” of the forum and can modify it entirely, access to all the posts, edit, delete, create new sections, promote members as moderators or even admins etc… it’s highly unlikely that the admin would ever be someone outside of the site’s “inside circle” and close personal friends, possibly an employee.

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You have 30 posts, and you just joined in the summer.

Maybe post often, help others out in those posts, and stick around a few YEARS, and MAYBE you might get some recognition as a helpful member by other members.

You can’t just waltz into the forum expecting a higher status. You haven’t contributed anything.


I’ve been around a while and still haven’t contributed much. :-\

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Yes you have! And more than most!


I don’t have enough experience to give that much helpful advice. But I personally wouldn’t care about a tittle. I just like this place because it i helpful and everyone is really nice.


Yes just be helpful and people with think you have a forum “rank”. If you put a picture up and help people when they see your picture they’ll go ‘That guy is really helpful I’ll read what he has to say. I think he’s cool’ being a moderator is probably cool though I’d suggest becoming close friends to them all before wanting to be one.

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What I’ve always wondered is how do people like “Augie” or “Yoyofactoryben” get “Professional” on their profile?

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Never, never, under estimate the important role you play when you provide meaningful, thoughtful, well thought out, and helpful posts.

Great posts are highly valued!


Thanks guys! I’ll star being more “” helpful “”


Hmm…meaningful, thoughtful, well thought out and helpful posts.

I - I think I’ll try that approach next time.


I’ve been around for a while. Haven’t helped out too much, but I’ve seen some fellow people on here become experts or moderators. Just help out when you can, and if the administrators notice, they may or may not make you into something.


because they’re actual yoyo professionals, it’s their job.

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And administrators find these professionals or manufacturers on the forum and tag them as such.


I vouch for Banjo.


well, it’s not like it’s a race or anything. good people will be good people, in real life, forums, wherever.

it’s not half bad as a motivation, the title in itself as a goal, to improve oneself behaviour on the forums, as it will also reflect in improvements in that person’s real life.