forum games

         hey yoyoexpert people, now i understand you dont have lots of time, but ive noticed lately that there are way to many forum games in the unrelated discussion. the unrelated discussion to me is a place to chill, and talk about real life, etc. with all the forum games in there, it doesnt work out well because i have to search through 10 forum games to keep up with a post.

Edit: maybe there should be a new child board for forum games in the unrelated discussion?

Yea, there should be a child board for forum games


Agreed. They’re fun, but they can really choke up the unrelated disscution section.
But then again, there isn’t really any other place to put them is there?

they do belong in the unrelated discussion, i agree. but as you said, they “choke up” the unrelated discussion. maybe we should have a child board for forum games? i know they wont get as many views, responses, players, etc if theyre in a child board but imo they dont even deserve them.

its a good solution but imo its a bit harsh.

There should be another parent board for it, IMO.

i dont think it should be a parent board, as it does fit under unrelated discussion. so just a child board would be good.

i disagree, its not hard to keep track of posts, updated topics solves it all.

But those are not discussions, so to speak. They are just mainly games to lighten the atmosphere of the forums, so a parent board would be good.