enough games.

Can we please move all of the games in the General section to the Unrelated section? the section really isn’t meant for forum games, even if they are yoyo related.

I don’t think there’s been any influx of games. I’ve posted two recently…one was over in a week or so, the other one is still alive, not sure for how long. That’s up to the people enjoying it. But, nothing here is always in the right place anyway. Contests hang around in the general section for some time, to gain more visibility…when really, there is a specific section for that. If the game is not “unrelated,” I consider it to be in the right place. If “What are you throwing today” can live on in the general section…so can the yo-yo related game. Being sick of the title popping up, does not qualify it as “unrelated.” If that were the case, we could just move them all to unrelated, and not pick and choose which ones we grow tired of seeing. If we start that, I’ll list the threads I don’t want to see in general anymore, and they too can be moved.

To think I loved you.

I guess you’re right, I guess I just noticed them more than they really were. Thanks babe.

You’re a trip! I just looked and there are more than I realized I guess. A few newer ones. But, look at it this way, when people are sick of them…they will die on their own really. At some point, if people become disinterested, they will not get bumped anymore. A few threads in that section have really high view counts, but they are not the game ones. So, the games seem to have a life span. Not to worry.

And just think, my actual girlfriend has to live with me.

Even though they have their lifespan, I feel like there’s no real reason to have them in the General discussion, mostly because there’s no true value to them, as far as moving along discussion goes. (All of this coming from the king of thread derails). It wasn’t an attack on your games by any means, I actually don’t mind those at all ( :wink: ) but more towards the ones that are just kind of “spin offs” of the games already there. Name that throw, eh, I can live with that. Name those dimensions, that’s a bit on the sketchy side of things for me.

Hmmm…Well I checked out the dimensions game…it’s hard, but I think people who really know their yo-yos can play along. I’m not quite that good. A few people have been guessing them though, so we’ll see how it progresses. The shape game taught me some things about how people were describing shapes. Even when I don’t completely agree, now, I know what they are referring to. Also, I’m better with knowing yo-yos on sight when seeing them from a certain angle, just because I got used to looking at them a different way. It had some value for me, and was mainly for me to learn from other people. A few other people learned from it as well.

Name game was more like a sort of yo-yo trivia, to see how sharp people were with knowing the different names of yo-yos and the background and history of them. In that sense, in the clues, I was able to learn some cool facts. I had to even learn about certain yo-yos to generate clues for them. So, there is a lot of learning going on in there, when people put thought into the clues.

I’ll have to check on a few of the spinoffs, but honestly, I think the general board has slowed down from original topics anyway, and maybe it’s good for the games to run their course. When thread topics get all deep, people tend to think we’re arguing or bickering, and they don’t like those threads either. I just think sometimes you can’t win, in terms of creating threads people really want to see. I’m going to post something thought provoking tomorrow. It may soothe your spirits a bit. ;D

As long as it’s about me, I’ll be happy.

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You aren’t by any chance related in a way are you guys??

we’re a couple…

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