Forum Game! Describe someone based on their tricks.

Same as M.DeV1 game about favourite yoyos but using the favourite tricks section instead.

In case you haven’t seen it the rules are that you discribe the person above you based on their favourite trick(s).

Someone who takes time to learn tricks perfectly.

Likes gts, complicated slack tricks, and original tricks

Likes a trick that sounds painful. :smiley:

likes some tricks that sound tasty

Likes dirty bearings.

Likes suicides and 1.5 mount type tricks that have green triangles in them.

Likes very complicated tricks.

HOW DID YOU KNOW?!?! :smiley:
This thread is dead so im not gonna describe you.

Not dead anymore!!!

Likes home made tricks.

Likes cool-looking tricks.

Likes complicated tricks…

Likes his own tricks the most

Likes an amazing style of play!

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I feel like such a noob, but I don’t know what any of those tricks are. ;D

Yuuki slack is in the master section.

Doughnut parade is a trick I made up. :stuck_out_tongue: (On youtube)

And Gts, well that explains itself.

You are pretty good from what I can tell.

Warm Fusion is a cold fusion variant that ends up in an inverted tower. I should make a vid some time.

Likes cool looking tricks.

Likes making new tricks

Likes to impress with 4a.